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Christiana Figueres to 2018 Summit



Christiana Figueres


Forging a new brand of collaborative diplomacy, Christiana Figueres spent six years working for the UN as the Executive Secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, and was one of the key architects of the Paris Agreement.


Christiana is now leading Mission 2020, a global initiative to bring “new urgency” to the “global climate conversation”. If the world is to avoid surpassing 2C by 2100, the emissions must peak before 2020 and then begin to rapidly decline – this means that the window of being able to change the course is very narrow. Private sector plays a significant role in reducing emissions and Figueres underlines the business opportunity that lies in taking climate leadership.


There is no doubt that the private sector is going to play a huge role (…) It is the private sector that has the technology, the capital, the know-how, the ingenuity to actually get us there. (Christiana Figueres)


Internship Opportunity

Business for Peace Summit 2017. Professorboligen.
Interested in responsible business and sustainability?
Good with social media?
Business for Peace Summit 2017. Professorboligen.

Business for Peace Summit 2017. Professorboligen.

Business for Peace Foundation opens up an internship running from February out May, with a possibility for extension, working mainly on communication and social media. The internship is part-time with flexible hours and perfect next to your studies! You will gain great insight into our work and the have the opportunity to participate in several exciting projects.

Working on the Foundation’s different social media channels, we are looking for a person with English proficiency and strong writing skills. Social media awareness is also highly appreciated.

Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, for a better understanding of the relevant work.


Send us a short cover text along with your CV to .

For questions and a more detailed task description, contact Aase Camilla Løkling on

+47 950 61 983 or

Deadline: 31.01.18


2018 Summit: Building Trust- Accelerating Climate Leadership


Are the world’s institutions running up a trust deficit? Geopolitical tensions are rising and supranational alliances disintegrating. Popular unrest against elites is surging, the pace of change, globalisation and automation challenge employees across countries and industries, while climate change is testing the boundaries between politics and business.



Society’s trust in key institutions – with business sharing the fate of governments, NGOs and media – has declined markedly over the last years. CEOs have a low credibility among the broader population, and are short of a key currency. At the same time, technology is offering new capabilities to build but also distort trust, which may demand new ways for business leaders to relate to their stakeholders.

Trust is firmly embedded in the mission of the Business for Peace Foundation. With trust as the overarching theme for the 2018 Summit, we will look at how business leaders can address the trust deficit. To build trust in business, we believe that leaders need to step outside of their traditional roles and place sustainability and the opportunity to create value for society at the core of their strategy. We need businessworthy leaders.

Climate change is probably the most tangible global challenge requiring business to work diligently with society in search of solutions. We need to define and accelerate Climate Leadership in business. Can a renewed sense of trust enable us to speed up on climate leadership?




MAY 15 – DAY 1

Launch of the Oslo Climate Leadership Declaration 
08:00-10:00 (Breakfast from 07:15)
Grand Hotel
Keynote address by Christiana Figueres of Mission 2020 with Kristin Halvorsen, Director of CICERO, and Nigel Topping, CEO of We Mean Business.

Honouree Network Meeting (Honourees only)

Nobel Peace Centre
Former and new Business for Peace Honourees gather for a network meeting with lunch

Business for Peace Lecture (Open to the public)

University Aula, University of Oslo
Jamie Oliver, founder of Jamie’s Food Revolution, chef and business leader, will give the annual Business for Peace lecture at the University of Oslo

Welcome Reception (Invitation only)

Nobel Peace Centre
The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs invites select guests to an intimate and informal gathering. Opening remarks by representative from the Ministry and a brief keynote dialogue with a few speakers


MAY 16 – DAY 2

Breakfast Seminar by BI (Open to the public)

BI Norwegian Business School
As part of the 2018 Summit, Business for Peace and the Norwegian Business School (BI) invites Summit guests and students for an interactive seminar with Professor David Sloan Wilson on The Competitive Advantage of Collaboration – Rebalancing the Darwinian Perspective

The Business for Peace Roundtable (Invitation only)
Building Trust: Accelerating Climate Leadership 

CEOs and board chairs from leading companies, investors, civil society and politics are invited to listen, engage and discuss how society’s trust in key institutions – with business sharing the fate of governments, NGOs and media – has declined markedly over the last years. Can a renewed sense of trust enable us to speed up on climate leadership? Moderator: Mishal Husain, journalist and broadcaster

Oslo Business for Peace Award Ceremony (Open to the public)

Oslo City Hall
The breath-taking highlight of the Business for Peace Summit – the Award Ceremony held in the Oslo City Hall, the venue of the Nobel Peace Prize. This is the formal delivery and celebration of the Business for Peace Award to the 2018 Business for Peace Honourees: Lori Blaker, Edgar Montenegro, and Martin Naughton. Keynote on The State of the Union between Business and Society. Artistic performances

Award Dinner Reception (Invitation only)

Oslo City Hall
Held in the same venue as the Award Ceremony, a standing dinner reception to celebrate the 2018 Honourees.  


More speakers and special guests will be announced soon. Stay tuned for details on how to register for the public Summit events.


Business for Peace explained in one minute


Business for Peace is recruiting – 3 new positions available

We are hiring!

Do you want to join our team?
Business for Peace is opening up 3 new full-time positions as Programme Director, Communication Director and Partnership Director. As part of our team you will work in an interesting and dynamic environment, with an opportunity to engage with some of the world’s leading thinkers and practitioners on business and sustainability.

Position Descriptions:

The Programme Director will be responsible for developing the annual Summit and other events – building the global position of the Foundation and the businessworthy concept. Key responsibilities include identifying relevant and interesting themes and topics, recruiting high quality speakers, and ensuring a successful execution.

The Communication Director will be responsible for promoting the Foundation and the businessworthy concept globally and the planning and execution of all communication activities related to the Business for Peace Summit and other events.

The Partnership Director will be responsible for developing and managing the Foundation’s partnership relations, recruiting new partners, and developing partner-driven activities and the Business for Peace Summit platform.


Application deadline: 22.12.17
For questions please contact Managing Director Dag Dyrdal at or +47 982 91 010.

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