Business for Peace statuettes


The Oslo Business for Peace Award is presented annually to businesspersons who are outstandingly promoting the interdependent relationship between business and peace, through their businessworthy actions.

Being businessworthy is to apply your business energy ethically and responsibly with the purpose of creating economic value, as well as value for society.

The Oslo Business for Peace Award aims to highlight ethical and responsible business practices, and the commitment of business leaders as individuals to creating long-term success of benefit to their businesses and society. The independent Award Committee evaluates the Nominees according to three criteria for being businessworthy established by the Business for Peace Foundation:


1. Being a role model to Society and their Peers
The Nominee is acting as a role model to the general public and the business community by showing how to achieve long term success by being businessworthy.


2. Standing out as an advocate
The Nominee is an outspoken advocate for the importance of ethical and responsible business, seeking to solve problems that create value for both business and society; i.e. being businessworthy.


3. Having earned trust by Stakeholders
The Nominee has earned recognition and appreciation as a business leader by stakeholders in the communities within which the business is developed and cultivated over time.